Tyson sold my house and represented me in buying my new house. Tyson is reliable and very informative about the whole house industry. He was also able to lead me to an excellent mortgage broker that also provided quick and impeccable service to me as a house buyer. He has definitely acquired his father's skills and expertise; a superb team! I would highly recommend Tyson to anyone as this energetic man will "go that extra mile" for his customers.

Trudy Lavallee

We had Tyson and Blair recommended to us by a friend. Tyson went into great detail with Market Analysis and a Selling Checklist they use to sell homes. We were very impressed with his methods and the Amazing photos he took to showcase our home. He kept in close contact and sold our home quickly within 7 days, resulting in multiple offers above asking price. Tyson also referred us to an Agent in our destination city, that was able to quickly help us find our new home. I would highly recommend Tyson and Blair to anyone looking for a friendly, professional team to sell their home.

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon & Tammy Jewsbury

I purchased my first home and Tyson could not have made it happen easier and more quickly. He knew exactly what I was looking for and where I wanted a house. He made sure to show me only the best possible options and ensured I bought the best possible house that met my criteria. I would and have recommended him to everyone and look forward to buying my next home with him.

Mr. Ryan Lagace

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