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Tip for Kitchens Renovations


Welcome to Royal LePage TV.

I’m your host Robin Lockhart of Robin Lockhart Design.

In this episode, we’re going to look at what’s involved in a kitchen renovation.

Although it can be expensive, there is good news. The average kitchen reno garners a return between 75 to 100 percent your investment.

Let’s look at how to get started.

The first step is to find a professional you can trust. Ask your Royal LePage agent for at least two recommendations.

A good idea is to follow this up for the pre-renovation inspection. This will help to identify any existing problems you may not be aware of and to determine what features you like and what to fix.

Consider how much cooking spacing you need. Is an eating area important or can you get away with just a breakfast bar?

What are the traffic patterns and storage needs of you and your family?

If you need or want additional space, why not look towards adjoining areas such as closets or hallways that might be incorporated or reorganized.

Updating an old kitchen or upgrading your finishes are great reasons to renovate.

Are your existing cabinets and countertops dated or damaged? Do your appliances scream nineteen seventies with harvest gold or avocado?

If change is in order the solutions could include to repair, replace, or even resurfaced them.

Keep in mind kitchen cabinet production take some time. Expect a minimum six weeks and have other aspects of your kitchen renovation in motion at the same time.

Fixtures and appliances are key elements in any kitchen.
A change may be in order if your appliances are out-of-date either from a style perspective or they’re not energy-efficient.

Lighting is also important. Use task lighting in areas for cooking and cleaning and accent lighting to highlight glass cabinetry or decor items.

To achieve a look that will help increase the resale value your home, your kitchen reno should include:

  • uniformly coloured and styled appliances,
  • a new floor,
  • clean lines,
  • a backsplash, and
  • a fresh coat of paint.

Now that you know the basics, put together sound plan for beginning your kitchen renovation

If done well, you can anticipate a life expectancy of fifteen years and more and return on your investment that will make your efforts worthwhile.

I’m Robin Lockhart. Thank you for watching this episode Royal LePage TV.

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Robin Lockhart
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