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Energy Efficient Home Upgrades


Welcome to Royal LePage TV.

I’m your host Robin Lockhart of Robin Lockhart Design.

Today we’re going to be talking about how making your home more energy efficient can increase home value, help protect the environment, and save you some green of your own.

First let’s look at some facts. According to a recent Royal LePage eco home survey, over three-quarters of potential home buyers to be looking for energy-efficient features in their next home purchase.

In fact, over half are willing to pay between five and twenty thousand dollars and almost 10 percent are willing to pay twenty thousand dollars or more for these types improvements.

So how can you make your home more energy efficient?

Some simple changes you could make would be to switch your regular bulbs to compact fluorescents [or LED].

You can install water conserving features on your sinks, faucet, showers, and toilets.

Also, why not seal up the existing windows and doors or if you can why not replace them with new energy-efficient models?

Now, a great room to begin energy-efficient practices in is the kitchen. There many appliances here that consume energy and increase utility fees.

Investing in new appliances makes a lot of sense, as the newer models cost up to twenty percent less to run. Many municipalities also offer rebates.

If you get the chance to redesign your kitchen, avoid putting your refrigerator next to the stove. This causes the fridge to have to work harder and therefore cost you more money.

For counter tops, materials that are naturally durable stain-resistant are best. Concrete porcelain, tile, or indigenous film are great examples of this. Counter tops can also be made from salvaged or recycled materials.

Lastly, if replacing your kitchen floor, ask your local building supply center about some environmentally friendly options. These can include marmoleum or cork tiles, also eucalyptus and bamboo are great options.

So you can see, making your home more energy efficient can save you money today, increase the overall value your home, and make it more attractive to potential buyers. In addition, it means you’re doing your part to make a difference.

I’m Robin Lockhart. Thank you for watching this episode Royal LePage TV.

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Robin Lockhart
Robin Lockhart is a dynamic and charismatic force within the design community. Her background in design and fashion have made her something of an authority on urban style. Robin herself is a woman about town, with strong ties to diverse groups that make up the pulse of Toronto. Among her respected friends and clients, she includes members of the film industry, the arts and culture scene as well as the investment community. Their common link would be the agreement that Robin brings her special gift for inspiring positive change to all who come in contact with her.

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